Charlie Manuel's diet tested by Florida coffee shop appearance

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Attention, Philadelphia Phillies fans and Nutrisystem: Charlie Manuel will be appearing at Lenny's, a renowned Clearwater coffee shop, Wednesday morning.

Just don't let him near the free (and yummy) pastries basket!

Manuel, other Phillies celebrities and fans of the team have frequented Lenny's Restaurant for years. It's a long foul ball from Bright House Field, where the Phillies train, and it gets good marks on Yelp and by word of mouth for its breakfast. My mouth liked it, too.

"We're going to have the Charlie Manuel Show there, so you better git there," Manuel said Monday after a Phillies game against Houston. "You might get to eat free."

But Charlie, what about your impressive weight loss thanks in part to Nutrisystem? Aren't you putting your waistline at risk by letting a greasy skillet of goodness tempt you?

"Myself, I like an egg white omelette and dry whole wheat toast," Manuel said.

Phew! Still on the wagon. So it's a Nutrisystem-approved deal?

"Well, no, I won't be on Nutrisystem," Manuel said. "But I won't eat it if I cook it."

Phillies media relations says the show be broadcast on WPHT-AM 1210, the team's flagship station. One side of Lenny's marquee says Manuel arrives at 6:15 A.M., though how that correlates to a broadcast, I'm not sure.

(Note: On Monday, the other side of the marquee said "Meat Loaf Today.")

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