Charlie Manuel leaves Citizens Bank Park — Wawa bag in hand

In what might be the most depressing photos we’ll see all season, former Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was spotted leaving Ciitzens Bank Park with a plastic bag from Wawa — presumably containing a lunch or dinner he was unable to enjoy — just hours after his firing on Friday.

No one knows for sure where Uncle Cholly — as he’s affectionately known in Philadelphia — is headed next. Many have speculated he’d be a good fit at this stage in an advisory capacity or even as a bench coach. It’s also possible he’ll be content stepping away from the game all together and heading out on his boat. Heck, he may even be headed over to Howard Eskin’s house to finally deliver that knockout punch he promised.

Charlie himself probably doesn’t even know for sure what's next, but at least he got to enjoy a warm dinner — and a standing ovation.

Here's to you, Charlie Manuel.

Keep your head up!

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