Chan Ho Park raps about Korea Life Insurance in TV commercial (VIDEO)

David Brown
Big League Stew

Just when you thought Chan Ho Park was finished, there he is — still pitching. Not only does Park still play baseball in his home country of South Korea, for the Hanwha Eagles of the Korea Baseball Organization, but he's busy pitching products on TV.

More specifically, he's rapping about them:

The Korea Life Insurance company has itself a splendid spokesman. The commercial is great, even if you can't understand most of it. Poking himself in the eye with the sunglasses, sitting in the egg chair from "Men In Black," the faux hip-hop posturing. It's what you want from Chan Ho Park the personality, though he probably gives American baseball fans mixed feelings.

His career numbers are slightly below average over nearly 2,000 major-league innings, but he's had spikes of success — including a couple of 200-plus strikeout seasons, along with an All-Star appearance in 2001, for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mostly though, he'll be notorious for the enormous free-agent contract he signed with the Texas Rangers back in the A-Rod/Tom Hicks days. Five years, $65 million. Seems almost tame, 10 years later.

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