Challenge answered: Your best fantasy baseball team names

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

With fantasy baseball season here, we asked readers to share their best, most clever or creative fantasy baseball team names for 2013. Because every winning franchise starts with a witty name, remember that.

While we couldn't get someone from the fantasy baseball department to give us data to back that up, we're convinced it has to be true. Sorry, but The Wright Stuff just isn't cutting it.

So here are our favorite team names, as offered up by readers in our comments section, on the Big League Stew Facebook page and via Twitter (either @BigLeagueStew or with the #FantasyNameGame hashtag).

Remember: Sign-ups for Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball are open, and the mobile apps are now available for iPhone and Android.

• No Leg to Stanton (Greg W., via comments)
• If It Weren't For You Medlen Kids (Matt, via comments)
• A Roidian Slip (Jonathan Bellamy via Facebook)
• Pagan in 60 Seconds (Robby Castellino via Facebook)
• The Balking Dead (Kevin Gibson, via Facebook)
• Tower of Bauer (@StumpTheRob, via Twitter)
• The Book of Biogenesis (@GameOfEndzones, via Twitter)

Thanks to everyone who participated. Look out for another Big League Stew reader challenge next week.

Spring training is here. Stretch out with us.
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