Chad Qualls trips and falls doing fist pump

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Chad Qualls trips and falls doing fist pump
Chad Qualls trips and falls doing fist pump

The Miami Marlins haven't celebrated much this season. They've been injured or bad or laughable for the most part. So it's understandable when one of their pitchers gets excited about a big strikeout against the New York Mets, even in a game that doesn't matter to the pennant race.

All that right-hander Chad Qualls was trying to do Tuesday night was get pumped up after stranding runners at the corners in the eighth inning. Omar Quintanilla is a formidable foe with ducks on the pond! Qualls got so fired up that, when he did a fist pump to announce his exuberance, he lost his balance, tripped and fell forward into some kind of half-somersault. It was kind of like what Aroldis Chapman did after getting a save that one time, only much less intentional and about 10,000 times as funny.

The extended cut, which features multiple angles and Qualls taking good-natured grief from teammates and fans, is even better.

Ron Darling on the Mets broadcast noted that Qualls was no Tiger Woods with the first pumping. And, as one of the Marlins TV broadcasters noted, all that Qualls needed was Pee Wee Herman to come by and say, "I meant to do that" for him:

Qualls' gymnastic move also was not unlike what Chris Perez of the Indians did a season ago:

Qualls' tumble was totally better. He's actually having one of his best seasons for the Marlins and — who knows? — he could be traded to a contender before long. But he'll always have the First Pump of Doom with the Marlins. At long last, Qualls will be known for something other than giving up a grand slam to Paul Konerko in Game 2 of the 2005 World Series.

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