Casual and calm Giants fan snatches foul ball while holding baby (Video)

Casual and calm Giants fan snatches foul ball while holding baby (Video)

This isn't just the year of great fan catches, this is the year of the fan making a miraculous catch while dangerously cradling a baby.

First, we had a fan in Houston making a sweet lunging catch with his cap while leaning over a row of seats with a baby in his left arm. Now, we have a daring fan in San Francisco, who on Wednesday afternoon was standing in an aisle along the third base side at AT&T Park when the left-handed swinging Brandon Crawford sliced a foul ball in his direction.

With the young child sort of sitting on his left arm like you might see on a shopping cart, the fan reaches out and casually snags the ball in a backhanded fashion not unlike what we often see from Crawford when fielding a ball in the hole at shortstop. In other words, it was a slick play. Then, in one swift motion, he holds the ball up for all to see as the crowd around him gives a nice ovation.

Very solid, though probably not as good (or dangerous) as the one in Houston. Not that that's a bad thing at all. What I liked most about this play, though, or more specifically the man and the child who we might assume is his son, is that the two were wearing what appear to be similar or matching caps. Sometimes it's those little things that stand out the most.

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