Casey Janssen proposes to girlfriend during skydiving adventure

Creativity is the word of the offseason when it comes to major league pitchers proposing to their girlfriends. Just last week we learned how Alex Cobb was assisted by an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin in proposing to his girlfriend, Kelly Reynolds. A proposal that is almost impossible to top, by the way, especially when you factor in the undercover work Cobb did to keep the presence of Reynolds' mom a secret.

However, before Cobb's proposal took place, Toronto Blue Jays closer Casey Janssen had already set the bar pretty high — literally and figuratively — by proposing to girlfriend Lauren Spear during a couples skydiving adventure in California.

According to John Lott of the The National Post, Janssen had the whole Jan. 28 event planned out well in advance. An enormous sign reading "Lauren, will you marry me?" that was visible from quite a ways up was placed on the ground near their landing zone. That was obviously a crucial piece of the puzzle, but the most important element was Janssen's strategic decision to dive first so he could be on the ground and in position to pop question as Spear touched down.

The execution was apparently flawless.

“It was as smooth as it could be,” he said. “Lauren was a minute and a half after me. She landed pretty much right in front of me, and I was on my knee proposing.”

Despite being in a state of shock, Spears said 'yes.' And to complete the perfect scenario, her parents made a surprise appearance to share in the moment with the happy couple.

Lauren thought her family would be elsewhere, watching her sister’s boyfriend playing hockey.

“So she had no idea anything was going to happen. But it was great because her family was able to share the moment,” Janssen said.

Skydiving. Element of surprise. Parents incognito. This was a lot more elaborate than I originally gave it credit for. And to think, the seed for this entire scenario was planted rather innocently at a pub in Toronto during the early days of their relationship.

They were at a Fox and Fiddle pub in Toronto when Lauren saw a skydiving ad in a washroom. She said she might like to try it some day.

“I thought, ‘That’s a little crazy,’ but I tucked it away in the back of my mind,” Janssen recalled.

Maybe not the most romantic setting, but Casey Janssen proves once again that a good idea can be born anywhere.

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