Wild first pitch breaks glass at Citi Field

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This is why the New York Mets can't have nice things!

Gary Green, a lifelong Mets fan who also happens to be CEO of the Class AAA Omaha Storm Chasers, got a chance to throw a ceremonial first pitch Tuesday night before right-hander Matt Harvey went to work on the White Sox at Citi Field.

As Bob Uecker's character in "Major League" would say, Green's effort went "Juuuuust a bit outside." Green's pitch was so wild, yet had so much on it, that it broke a pane of glass behind home plate that protects a TV camera. Well ... good job, glass!

Broadcaster Steve Stone on CSN Chicago added, "I guess when you throw the ceremonial first pitch, you just don't want to airmail the catcher."

And the reaction of catcher John Buck was the best part. He barely moves for the ball (because, why?), he looks behind home plate and then turns back to Green as if to say, "I think you broke something."

This is not the first time Green has had trouble with a first pitch at Citi Field. In 2009:

Green's serial throwing problems aside, he actually seems like a cool guy, a regular die-hard baseball fan who grew up to make himself fabulously wealthy.

Green attended Game 6 of the 1986 World Series as a 21-year-old and subsequently bought at auction Bill Buckner's cleats and mitt from that fateful game (after Green made a fortune founding Alliance Building Servies). The Nye Mets might be his favorite squadron, but Green also grew up liking the Kansas City Royals (the parent club of the Storm Chasers) because their teams of the George Brett era used to antagonize the hated New York Yankees. (Good Mets fan here.)

Among his treasures, Green also owns the last mitt Gary Carter used with the Mets, the "shoe shine ball" of Cleon Jones fame from the '69 World Series and the jersey Endy Chavez wore when he made one of the best plays in major league history. Green's collection has been displayed at Citi Field.

Now if he could just execute one ceremonial first pitch at Citi Field without breaking glass or dirt, he could add that ball to his amazing collection of stuff.

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