Carlos Santana levels fan in pursuit of foul ball

Given the way that Dusty Baker and Derek Lowe have been bickering, we would have laid even money on the duo engaging in some professional wrestling moves at some point during Thursday's Cincinnati Reds-Cleveland Indians game at Great American Ballpark.

Instead we got something about 1,000 times more entertaining. Namely usual catcher Carlos Santana interrupting his day tending first base to completely plow over a fan whose size the Bengals could probably use come fall. It wasn't smooth, but it was oh-so-awesome.

Watch the carnage with our friends from Yahoo! Sports Minute:

Blam! Pow! Wow! That's a whole lesson about Newton's Three Laws of Motion contained in one foul ball from Todd Frazier. (Whoever said that you can't learn anything while reading the Stew?)Santana has made only seven of his 52 starts at first base in 2012, but you really have to admire the hustle he took while laying a better hit than you'd see on most Sundays from the Cleveland Browns. Especially given that he easily could have called off his pursuit since the Indians were already down eight runs in what would end up being a 12-5  Reds' victory.

Let's enjoy this fan interaction one more time, shall we?

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