Carlos Quentin’s Wikipedia page vandalized shortly after suspension announcement

We should have seen this one coming.

Not long after Major League Baseball announced Carlos Quentin's eight-game suspension on Friday night, someone took it upon themselves to alter (or vandalize, if you prefer) his Wikipedia page with a different perspective of his actions in the bench-clearing brawl that resulted in Zack Greinke breaking his collarbone.

Granted, this is a very tame alteration, which is part of the reason why we can bring it to you, but it's still pretty funny. It's also factually correct, or at least the part about Nick Blackburn being the pitcher who's hit him the most is correct.

In 37 plate appearances, Blackburn has drilled Quentin four times. That's a pretty high rate, though not as high as Quentin's batting average (.419) against him. Quentin has also homered three times against the Minnesota Twins right-hander.

Three different pitchers have plunked Quentin three times. Of course Zack Greinke is the most notable name in that group for several reasons. Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox is also on that short list. But if there was one person who should be truly watching his back, it would be Erik Bedard. He's equaled that total in just nine plate appearances.

Maybe it's just me, but if a guy is hitting me every third plate appearance on average, that's the one I'd be seeking answers from.

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