Carlos Gomez raps that he's 'not a novice' rapper but he probably is anyway

David Brown


Do you like rap music? I'm from the Rap Coalition of America and I'd like your opinion on the Spanish rhymes that slugger Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers spat recently while visiting with the "Intentional Talk" program on MLB Network. As you listen, it might occur to you that rapping in Spanish might be different than rapping in English because different words rhyme. Doesn't that complicate things?!

Well, enough prologue, let's check out what Carlos is saying, Yo's. Here are the lyrics translated from Spanish by MLBN:

OK, OK, we're here in the stadium
Look how Carlos Gomez does it so easy
Look at my lips and look at my eyes
That's why right now you'll beg for mercy

Carlos Gomez plays baseball, he plays basketball and as well as golf

How about my friend called Talco?
Whoaaaaa — Insane in the mebrane
That's why right now I'll leave, I'm out
Because today, I'm not a novice

Say, 'Yeeeeeow!"

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