Cards top Uni Watch’s ranking of baseball jerseys

Paul Lukas is doing the lord's work over at Uni Watch, ranking the 122 franchises of the four major sports in order of their uniform sets. The balancing birds of the St. Louis Cardinals top the MLB list (and hold the third spot overall) followed by the Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies. The Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals round out the top 10.

Fashion Ump loves a great uniform debate and Lukas gives us plenty to argue about here. While we prefer the clean, crisp and classic look of the Dodgers for the top spot, it's hard to disagree with the Cardinals pick. The width of the bat gives the players a strong-chested look and the overall logo earns points for both its staying power and never-been-copied look.

A few more thoughts:

• Beauty is admittedly in the eye of the beholder with lists like these, which is why we have to disagree with the Cubs at No. 2 if we're placing them there partly on the strength of their "walking cub" alternates (which we loathe). Same goes for the A's. While the green-and-gold put the A's in the top half of the league, the third spot seems a tad high.

• San Diego's snooze-worthy look ranks last in the league? Yup, that's about right.

Non-baseball observation No. 1: Lakers and Celtics aside, is there actually such a thing as a "good" NBA uniform? I'd have an easier time ranking a rack of sweatpants.

• Squads we think are a little overrated on the list: The Mets, Jays and Angels. Squads we think are underrated: Braves, Giants, Mariners and Nationals.

• The Rays at No. 21 are the highest-rated of the four expansion teams from the '90s. Their current caps have never done much for us, but they nailed the jerseys. And the home set would look even better if they wore them outside, under actual sun rays.

Non-baseball observation No. 2: Ranking the Chicago Blackhawks as the 12th-best NHL jersey, behind the rest of the Original Six and the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets makes baby Clark Griswold (and baby 'Duk) cry.

What do you think?

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