Cards’ Joe Kelly unearths essay from elementary school that predicted his future

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Right-hander Joe Kelly of the St. Louis Cardinals probably would say he got away with having "C" stuff against the Atlanta Braves on Thursday night. Taking away any advantage of hindsight, Kelly deserves an "A," retroactively, for accurately seeing the future.

Earlier this summer, Kelly posted via Twitter an English essay from his elementary school days that correctly predicted he would be a baseball pitcher. Apparently his mom is one of those moms who saves everything and she found the paper in remarkable condition. Kelly tweeted about it in June, but considering the roll he's on now it seems like a good time to share what he has shared.

The teacher gave Kelly a "B" (adding a "Good!") comment, perhaps taking off for punctuation errors or a lack of compound sentences or whatever teachers do. Kelly noticed the slight in retrospect, calling it an "A+ paper" and the teacher "a hater." A competitor, to the last.


• The lede nails it: "Ten years from now ... I am going to be a baseball player." The paper appears to have been written about age 10, and he's 25 years old now, but he would have been pitching at USC in 2008.

• "I am going to be a home run hitter like Babe Ruth." Well, he's still waiting for his first professional homer, but it's important to dream big.

• "I will probably still be living with my parents, but we will have a bigger house." Not sure about his living arrangements, but it's cute that he wants to be close to mom and dad.

• "I will still be a handsome boy." Confident, this kid was.

• "When I get too old to play baseball like Cal Ripken's age, I will be a scuba diver and will find gold under the sea."

His career is only starting, so it remains to be seen how soon we'll have Joe Kelly around before he disappears under the ocean.

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