Cards’ GM John Mozeliak ditches trademark glasses

David Brown
Big League Stew

JUPITER, Fla. — John Mozeliak, what have you done?

Abandoning his trademark glasses with horned rims that helped to define Mozeliak's athletic-but-academic personal look, the St. Louis Cardinals general manager is trying contact lenses for the first time in his life. After a few days without his glasses at spring training, he gives the experiment a mediocre grade.

"I can't tell you that I'm seeing any better than I did with glasses," Mozeliak told Big League Stew.

But isn't seeing is the most important thing? That's what "Major League" taught us.

Mozeliak was underrated in the "Sexiest GMs" post that The Stew published this past offseason, finishing in the middle of the pack when he probably should have been in the top third. But then he came to the 2013 playoffs wearing a bow tie, confusing the matter even further.

"Professor Mozeliak, my dog ate my scouting report," shortstop Pete Kozma might very well have said.

Now he's ditched his glasses, which few other GMs (Dan Duquette, Jack Zduriencik) even bother to wear in the first place. Mozeliak is changing his look more often than Madonna in the '80s.

Is Mo trying to chart higher among his sexier brethren? He says that switching to contacts has a different, but still practical, motivation: His glasses would often fall off his face when swinging a golf club.

Golf. That's actually a good reason. Maybe we're overreacting. So what about LASIK?

"That's kind of scary," Mozeliak said.

A laser beam pointed at your eyeball? Good reason to try contacts first. Another important "X" factor — what does his wife think? Don't know. She's back in St. Louis with the kids, and doesn't have an informed opinion yet. Regardless, Mozeliak still has his glasses, in case contacts don't work out. The horned-rim look might not be lost to history just yet.

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