Cardinals’ Lance Lynn knocks off his own hat during wind-up, throws strike anyway

St. Louis Cardinals All-Star starting pitcher Lance Lynn wasn't very effective in their 9-6 win over the Chicago Cubs on Friday afternoon, but to his credit stuck around long enough for his offense to pick him up and to earn his 13th victory, which ties him with R.A. Dickey of the Mets and Gio Gonzalez of the Nationals for the league lead.

He also wasn't all that smooth during one particular delivery, which you'll see in the highlight below.

The pitch came during the second inning with Cubs' third baseman Luis Valbuena at the dish and nobody on base. As Lynn went into his usual wind-up, his glove somehow managed to catch on the top of his hat, pulling it clean off his head. The hat then appeared to rest on his glove and pitching hand until he separates them, and then slowly falls to the ground as he completes his delivery.

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Here's a look at the pitch to make up for my possibly confusing description:

Yes, I really got a kick out of that watching it live and still do watching it now. But I can honestly say I wouldn't have found it to be half as entertaining had Lynn simply stopped mid-motion like 99 percent of pitchers would do when one little thing feels off in their delivery. I admired that Lynn kept right on moving and, beyond that, remained focused enough to deliver the pitch and got a strike out of it as well.

Very impressive concentration and command. My hat is officially off to Lance Lynn.

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