Cardinals fan takes awkward spill after dropping foul ball at Wrigley Field

The "Friendly Confines" of Wrigley Field have been none too kind to the St. Louis Cardinals this weekend, and their fans seem to be having a rough go of it as well. Not only has Chicago taken the first two games to win their first series of the season — beating Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha no less — but one paritcular fan's attempt to secure a foul ball also went awry during Friday's game, and concluded with an embarrassing spill.

The fan was seated in the front row right behind the Cardinals bullpen down the right field line. A prime spot for a souvenir, whether it be directly off the bat or as a gift from a generous St. Louis reliever. Then his chance came in the seventh inning with Mark Ellis at the plate. The pop foul could not have lined up any better as it slowly descended upon the fan. The results, on the other hand, certainly could have been better.

As the fan readies for the catch, he starts to lose his balance and begins tumbling backwards over his seat. At this point, the ball appears to smack him in the chest, which undoubtedly hurt, and then he goes crashing head over heels over his seat to the concrete, which also had to leave a mark or two.

Short trip. Bad landing, you might say. Then, factor in he's a Cardinals fan at Wrigley Field, and that one second of misfortune easily could lead to a bruised ego and a lifetime of embarrassment. 

On the positive side, he was uninjured in the fall and was definitely in good spirits immediately after. And then the outcome was made better when the baseball trickled back down to the first row where a Cubs fan picked it up and handed it to him as a sign of good faith. 

All's well that ends well (and black and blue) for the Cardinals fan. And for one more day at least, the "Friendly Confines" retains its moniker.

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