Here’s the Cardinals comeback in graph form

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

If you work for a national outlet, part of the challenge of covering Friday night's classic NLDS Game 5 was deciding just how much the Washington Nationals choked, how much the St. Louis Cardinals mounted a valiant comeback and how to frame the story. I thought our own Les Carpenter did a wonderful balancing act in his column on the Cardinals' 9-7 shocker.

As for the numbers? Well, they're the numbers. But you can present them in a certain way and the Fangraphs win-expectancy chart that Dave Cameron blogged on Friday night was set up to show the Nationals' collapse as a stock market crash.

That's probably a bit unfair to the cardiac Cards, so we took the liberty of presenting the data the other way around to show St. Louis' quick and monumental rise to victory.

Hey, it beats telling all of you to cross your eyes and turn your tablets upside down:

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