Can't get to the ballpark? Send a robot to cheer in your place!

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Let's say you have tickets to the big game tonight, but you can't make it down to the ballpark because you have to work late. Selling your tickets online is not a problem, but you still don't want to miss being embedded among the action. What do you do? Nothing. You're Seoul out of luck. Until now.

As @MyKBO on Twitter notes, Korea's Hanwha Eagles have installed a robot cheering section in their home stadium to which fans can upload their avatars, mannerisms, messages, cheers, beer preferences — whatever — for the first truly virtual ballpark experience.

You don't need to be at the game anymore in order to still be at the game!

Holy THX-1138!
Holy THX-1138!


Convenient? Yes. Creepy? Oh, definitely. These fan robots (or "Fanbots") look like police from the movie "THX-1138" or the "I, Robot" robots — only with baseball caps. They won't hurt us, right? Nice machine! Well, before we bring Fanbots to the major leagues, we need to set up some ground rules:

• They won't be allowed inside of Comerica Park where the Detroit Tigers play and many auto industry workers watch. Too soon.

• We need to amend Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics to ensure that Fanbots never do the wave.

• These robots need to be programmed to do "The Robot" dance as well as humans can.

We've already had robots throw out the first pitch. Some say that a robot has even played first base for the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels. Soon, grandstands across the majors won't be filled by red-blooded baseball fans, but instead by Castrol-blooded artificial life forms.

Robot version of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

Take me out to the bandwidth! Take me out with The Cloud!
Buy me some Pentium and microchips, I don't care if I ever get hacked!
Oh it's router, router, router for the home page, if they don't click on my username.
For it's one... two... three wrong passwords and you're out at the old mainframe!

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