Called it! Brad Ziegler predicted Florida Gulf Coast’s upset of Georgetown in NCAA Tournament

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The biggest upset of this year's NCAA college basketball tournament happened Friday night when No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast beat No. 2 Georgetown, 78-68, becoming only the seventh No. 15 seed to beat a No. 2. Did you call that? Because Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Brad Ziegler did.

If Ziegler put his bracket in Yahoo!'s tournament — which we hope he did — then he's part of the 1.5% of brackets that rightly called the upset. That's 47,950 people out of 3.3 million brackets. For those wondering: 696 brackets have FGCU going to the Final Four and 337 have it winning the whole tournament. Ziegler's not that into the Eagles. He says they'll getting bounced in the second round.

Like many people, however, the west region of Ziegler's bracket isn't looking good, with his Final Four pick Kansas State being another of the day's biggest upsets. That will hurt him more in the Dbacks' Back-a-Bracket competition more than FGCU will help him. Of the five people in it, Ziegler's the only one to lose a Final Four team thus far.

Still, you gotta respect relief pitchers and their prediction prowess. You'll recall that Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford correctly picked 14 of 15 Oscar winners.

Maybe this is the type of stuff they think about in the bullpen?

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