Cal Ripken Jr., Mickey Mantle and Pete Rose could have helped you win Mega Millions jackpot

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There were two winners in Tuesday's $636 million Mega Millions jackpot, which means two people are feeling about as good as Robinson Cano right now. It was the second-largest lottery in U.S. history, with the two jackpot winners receiving either $318 million in annual payments or $170 million in immediate cash.

You didn't win. You wouldn't be reading a baseball blog right now, if you had. I didn't win either. I'd be writing something else entirely if that were the case. But let's consider how baseball fans could have won. Unless you let the computer pick for you, most people have a system to picking what numbers to bubble in on their tickets — family birthdays, anniversaries, etc. And some people turn to sports, using jersey numbers from their favorite athletes.

If someone had used baseball players to pick Tuesday's winning numbers — 8, 20, 14, 17, 39 and 7 (mega ball) — which players might they have been picking? Some all-time greats, plus one hilarious choice. Let's examine.

8 — Cal Ripken Jr.: The Iron Man, not a bad choice at all.

* * *

20 — Frank Robinson: So far, this is looking good for Baltimore fans.

* * *

14 — Pete Rose: [*joke about gambling goes here*]

* * *

17 — Todd Helton: It's funny because he got a DUI earlier this year going to the store to buy lottery tickets.

* * *

39 — Dave Parker: He's battling Parkinson's Disease, but he's still out shopping and reppin' the 39 proudly.

* * *

7 — Mickey Mantle: This is the mega ball number, and fittingly, The Mick was mega-great.

* * *

Anybody use baseball jersey numbers to fill out their lottery ticket? Whose numbers do you pick?

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