C.J. Wilson’s windshield shattered during batting practice at Angels camp

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're headed down to spring training this year or in the future, do yourself a favor and park as far away from anything that resembles a practice field as you possibly can. In fact, if walking is an option, go ahead and do that, because it seems no car windshield is safe from the wrath of spring training batting practice.

Last spring, we saw one windshield go down at the powerful arms of Giancarlo Stanton as he prepared for the World Baseball Classic. Like a gentleman, Stanton ended up picking up the tab to have it fixed , and even autographed it.

Moving ahead to this spring, just two weeks ago we saw the damage Chicago Cubs prospect Javier Baez did to the windshield of an unsuspecting Cubs fan with one of his BP blasts. That one was a direct hit. Like Stanton, Baez offered to pay for the damage. No word on whether or not the offer was accepted.

That brings us to the newest victim in the spring training series of shattered windshields. And when we said earlier that nobody was safe, we weren't kidding. This time it was car lover, thrill seeker, and Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson who paid the price for parking too close to the diamond. After his day of work concluded, he returned to find his windshield shattered.

No word on who was swinging the bat or where exactly Wilson was parked, but he later indicated it had to be a left-handed batter who did the damage.

Typically, that would make Josh Hamilton a suspect. However, he's been dealing with a calf injury that has held him out of baseball activities. He'll return to BP on Sunday, so the finger will have to be pointed elsewhere.

Perhaps an investigation is warranted here. If you have any information on who might be the culprit, please pass it along. Not that Wilson would have any problem paying the bill, of course, but that looks like a free dinner.

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