C.J. Wilson answers baseball trivia while riding in stunt plane

Los Angeles Angels left-hander C.J. Wilson might be best described as a bulldog on the pitching mound and a thrill seeker away from the ballpark. His passion for racing cars during the offseason has been well documented over the years, and it's also widely known that he's the owner of the creatively titled C.J. Wilson Racing.

He simply has a need for speed and a desire to live on the (straight) edge. But even Wilson would admit his latest adventure literally flew beyond his threshold and reached stratospheric levels of extreme.

On this occasion, Wilson joined two-time world champion aerobatic pilot Kirby Chambliss for a routine flight over the Flying Crown Ranch in Arizona. A routine flight for Chambliss that is. It was anything but routine for Wilson, and all the while he was trying to hold in his lunch, he also had to answer five trivia questions.

The video segment is titled "In The Hot Seat With Kirby Chambliss." The actual point of it all is still unclear, but it obviously has some promotional ties to Red Bull.

As for Wilson's effort, it was pretty impressive. He was able to keep it together long enough to answer the first four questions correctly (they were all lay ups) before tapping out on the fifth. I mainly call that impressive because I'm sure many of us would have tapped out during the instructions.

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