C-a-C: Pablo Sandoval and Juan Uribe have not achieved liftoff

Yeah, we just featured a picture of Pablo Sandoval(notes) and Juan Uribe(notes) during last week's C-a-Cs, but when you have a chance to post 500+ pounds of failed hip bump, you simply can't pass it up. As the great San Francisco band Beulah once sang, we're getting high, but we're still feeling down/gravity has a way of pinning us to the ground.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Friday's royal C-a-C featuring Prince Fielder(notes):

Prince Fielder uses the power of The Force

1st — It's Laker Nation. "Yes, now that I can levitate my bat, there will be no sign of me when I bash Guillermo Mota's(notes) head in."

2nd — cihfwt. "If only our pitchers could hold a lead like this."

3rd — Allen. "Having removed the bat from home plate, Prince Fielder has been hereby proclaimed King Fielder."

HM —lolol. "Prince Fielder shows that he has own gravitational orbit."

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