C-a-C: 'But can the other two bidders sing like Mark Cuban?'

I think we can classify this as fairly shocking news: The AP is reporting that Mark Cuban is one of only three interested parties to make it past the initial bidding stage in the process to sell the Chicago Cubs. Even more shocking is the revelation that the group led by John Canning, which many people felt was the odds-on favorite to land the team, was not selected for the second round. (It's being reported, however, that Canning and Co. will have another opportunity to up their bid.)

Yet at the very least, it appears that Cuban will now be competing with the Ricketts family (owners of TD Ameritrade) and a sports acquisition group that includes Hank Aaron and Jack Kemp, I thought the picture above would make for an excellent Create-a-Caption.

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters of the world, how should this caption read?

(Also, to put a different twist on our usual fun, tell me what song Cuban, who grew up a Pirates fan, is singing today.)

Follow the jump for the comments on Wednesday's C-a-C that made me laugh the most:

"Don't worry Ichiro! I got it! I got it!"

1st — Nieder. (Gotta look at the original to understand this classic, folks.)

Max (-----) his invisible girlfriend while celebrating the catch his twin brother Greg made

2nd — Larry G.

Someone call the paramedics! Ichiro's teeth are stuck in the fence!

3rd — crook3dnumb3rs.

Ichiro, fed up with Seattle, takes the shortest possible route back to Japan.

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