Buy the cap that Jose Canseco was wearing when the home run bounced off his head

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

You can't put a price on all of the laughs we've shared while watching replays of the time that a ball bounced off Jose Canseco's head and over the wall for a home run.

You can, however, put a price on the cap that Canseco was wearing that day.

Yes, Heritage Auctions has a listing for the New Era Texas Rangers cap ( size 7 1/2) that became an unwitting victim when Canseco misplayed Carlos Martinez's fly ball at the old Cleveland Stadium in a game on May 26, 1993. The end result, of course, was the 23rd of Martinez's 25 career home runs and an eternal spot on blooper reels around the world. (Can you imagine had blogs existed then?)

Canseco refuses to call the play a home run and insists on calling it a four-base error instead. Why he actually thinks that qualifies as a euphemism is anyone's guess, but Canseco recently tweeted that he'd like to get his cap back — if he can afford it.

My Rangers cap from the 4 Base Error header is in the Heritage auction right now would be great to get it back hope the bidding stays low

I have no idea what Canseco's current expendable income looks like, but it would appear that his own personal Rosebud isn't that far out of the grasp for anyone who can convince their significant other that this amazing piece of sports memorabilia needs to be in their house (and/or on their head). Heritage's estimated selling price is $800-1,200 when the auction ends on May 3. That's mere pennies for the ultimate conversation piece and perhaps the best accessory you could ever wear in your main Facebook photo.

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Seriously, to put that price in perspective, Big League Stew can take the $2,000 that Canseco demanded when we asked him for an interview last winter  and buy the hat in an attempt to start our own little baseball oddity hall of fame. With the money that's left over, maybe we can attempt to track down Billy Ripken's bat or feathers from the bird that Randy Johnson's fastball exploded.

Now if you'll please excuse me while I go fetch my credit card ...

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