Buster Posey’s new iPhone game is reportedly the first for a MLB player

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

If you're the type who likes to waste your free time by reading Big League Stew and playing simple iPhone games, this is the post for you: San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey now has a baseball-type game available for download from the iTunes.

Entitled "Buster Bash," it looks like the game is a takeoff on the simple pleasures of the "toss" species of mobile games. Only in this case a flick of your finger hits a baseball instead of throwing a football or wadded up piece of paper. It's said to be the first official game endorsed by a MLB star, which would make sense given both Posey's youth and his status as a top player in the tech-minded Bay Area.

From the game's press release:

Developed by Ground Up Logic, BUSTER BASH allows fans to follow in the footsteps of the San Francisco Giants catcher and 2010 National League Rookie of the Year, beginning as an aspiring young player in Leesburg, Georgia, to joining the elite ranks of the Big Leagues. Players are challenged to hit an assortment of pitches to earn sunflower seeds that can be used to buy equipment and power-ups to improve their hitting.

The game is free to download, though you either have to sit through mobile ads, sign up for services like Netflix or pay for extra "sunflower seeds" to boost your player's performance. And given that I wasn't able to hit anything close to a home run with my  in 15-20 minutes of test spin, it would appear that nothing is coming for free in this game.

Cool concept, though.

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