Bullseye! Yoenis Cespedes hits the Chevy truck in centerfield en route to Home Run Derby win

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Not only did Yoenis Cespedes' home runs come in towering bunches during Monday's Home Run Derby, but at least one of them was particularly well placed.

Cespedes cranked a ball off the hood of one of the two Chevy trucks parked in centerfield during his 32-home-run barrage. Many players flirted with hitting the truck — ESPN play-by-play guy Chris Berman hoped and hoped for it during the broadcast. But it was Cespedes, the man whose home run prowess knew no bounds on Monday, who actually did.

Here's a GIF version:

Chris Perry, Chevy's VP of marketing, said of the homer:

"That was an exciting part for us. But that's the reason we put it out there; To give them a target to aim for. Bouncing it off the hood was pretty exciting."

Also exciting: When the Chevy dude called the winning slugger "Yespin" — which sounds either like a new ESPN network or a "Star Wars" planet.

On a happier note: Because of the 103 homers hit in the derby — including five Gold Ball home runs worth $23,000 each — Chevy and MLB are donating $529,000 to charities, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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