The Bullpen Cop celebrates another Red Sox homer, this time in the World Series

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BOSTON — People can't get enough of the Bullpen Cop.

His name is Steve Horgan, but most people just know him as the Bullpen Cop and if you spot him before a game at Fenway Park, there's a good chance fans are trying to take a picture with him. He's one of the icons of this Boston Red Sox season, along with the "B Strong" logo, the beards and everything Jonny Gomes does.

Horgan got another chance to celebrate a Red Sox homer Wednesday night (before what looks like an even bigger party). He thrust his arms up in the air after Stephen Drew's fourth-inning leadoff homer landed in the bullpen, just like he did when David Ortiz hit that game-changing grand slam in the ALCS. No Torii Hunter this time, but it was still a nice callback to a classic postseason moment.

The homer put the Red Sox ahead 4-0 in Game 6 and they went on add two more runs in the inning. The Red Sox are leading a possible World Series clinching game 6-1 as of this writing.

This photo won't be as iconic as the original, but it's nice the Bullpen Cop got his World Series appearance.

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