Bud Selig is the richest sports commissioner in all of the land!

Bud makes bank.

Your friendly neighborhood baseball commissioner, Allan H. Selig, earned $18.35 million in MLB fiscal 2007.

SportsBusinessJournal.com reports that, among players, only A-Rod, Derek Jeter, Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi made more in '07. Seven players are slated to make more in '09.

Selig is the highest-paid commish in sports, the report continues, pacing the $11.2 (prorated) for NFL emperor Roger Goodell, an estimated $10 million for the NBA's David Stern, $5.59 million for the NHL's Gary Bettman and $4.8 million for the PGA Tour's Tim Finchem.

Selig had a base salary of $17,470,491, with the balance coming back in contributions to employee benefit plans and expense accounts. Bud got back $422,590 in expenses. (What did he put on those reports? I smell a Top Ten list coming. You usually can!)

It's kind of a publishing faux pax to use the same photo consecutively with the same subject, but the above shot of Bud and the ATM seems really appropriate today. It also was seen on Big League Stew a couple of weeks ago. How prescient, 'Duk!

MLB made $6.075 billion in '07 and eclipsed that in '08, in case you were wondering how big the pie was.

Selig last year signed a contract extension that runs through '12 (wasn't this supposed to be an interim gig back in the '90s?) so we'll see if his salary takes the same kind of hit some in this year's free-agent market are experiencing.

What do you think, Stewies? Is Bud worth $18 million?

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