Bud Selig proclaims St. Louis 'the best baseball city'

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Typically, the commissioner of MLB saying one city is better than all the rest isn't the wisest move. It's like a father telling one of his children he or she is the favorite.

But Bud Selig — baseball's outgoing commish — proclaimed Sunday night that St. Louis was, in fact, the best baseball city. Selig was either caught up in his impending freedom, drunk off St. Louis ribs or overcome by getting the first ever Schoendienst Medal from the St. Louis chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

So Selig hit the stage and let this rip:

Of course, St. Louis baseball fans are legit. They know the game, support their team and, despite having a good number of bozos amongst their online fans, seem like decent people when you're out at Busch Stadium. You can say the same for other fanbases too.

But Selig's proclamation is troubling for one simple reason: St. Louis baseball fans already deem themselves the "best fans in baseball" and have no trouble reminding others about that. Now they're going to be feeling themselves extra hard.

Many baseball fans in other parts of the country will tell you Selig's opinion doesn't mean much and he can kick rocks come Jan. 25 when new commish Rob Manfred takes over. Cardinals fans, however, will have no problem reminding us of Selig's parting gift for years to come.

Brace yourself, people in every other MLB city. 

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