Bryce Harper: Washington Nationals opening-day jersey taken and auctioned behind my back

David Brown
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I don't know the protocol for Major League Baseball auctioning game-used items, and apparently Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper doesn't know, either. Harper obviously was unhappy when he found out the Nats jersey he wore for opening day had been taken and auctioned online — for $13,025, no less. And just after the auction ended, of course. With more of a warning, Harper could have used some of Jayson Werth's money to buy the jersey.

It turns out that proceeds go to charity and "not something wrong" (adorable) — as Harper said he hoped was true after the fact. Still, it's unseemly that THEY can just take his stuff without telling him.

It's true what they say in the cautionary tale about the downside of fame:

Everyone wants a piece of the superstar, from fans to reporters to collectors to his own employers (be they the Nats or the league). Going forward, Harper needs to buy and attach some of those shoplifting tags that retail stores use so he can get a quick warning before his valuable clothing goes walking out the clubhouse door. It's like your newborn baby: Always know where that thing is at all times in the hospital. (And later, of course.)

Also, a head's up: Keep an eye on Craigslist for petri dishes of the flu Harper had earlier this week when he went 4 for 5 with vomit.

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