Bryce Harper takes Washington Nationals ticket orders over phone

David Brown
Big League Stew

He might be striking a big shot's pose in the photo, but Bryce Harper actually was doing everyman's work Tuesday on his day off — from baseball activities. Always with his nose to the grindstone, Harper spent part of his leisure time taking calls from customers interested in buying season-ticket packages for his team, the Washington Nationals. That's really how account executives with the Nats dress, too, in sneakers, baseball pants and a backward cap.

Via his Twitter account, Harper asked fans to phone in and "ask for Bryce." I'm not sure if the Nats were recording any of the conversations Harper had, but at least a couple of them must have been amusing. He engaged fans for at least an hour, maybe a couple of hours, so it's not like he was working his fingers to the bone taking down names, credit card numbers and the names of first born. That's what season tickets cost these days, right?

Regardless, this was a great use of social media and marketing. Harper left his post with this gem:

"I'm out of the office." The kid's got a great sense of humor.

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