Bryce Harper is only 20 years old, and here’s a good reminder of that

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Bryce Harper, for all the accolades and attention, is only 20 years old. Remember that as you watch this Vine posted by Bryce's girlfriend of him and his brother Bryan — who you remember from his mustache. It's the two of them talking in goofy voices after huffing helium. Apparently they like coloring, which means they have a lot in common with my 2-year-old.

People of the Internet have a way of unloading on athletes who they think should only be doing serious things at all times — like rehabbing knee injuries, for example. Surely someone will read this and think Bryce should be focusing on his injured knee, and not goofing off with his brother. Remember: still a kid.

In actual Bryce Harper baseball news: He was cleared on Monday to start a strengthening program, which is a good first step back to rejoining the Washington Nationals. Before you ask: No, helium, is not on MLB's banned-substance list.

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