Bryce Harper joins Chipotle’s prestigious (and secretive) free-burrito society

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Well, America, you have one more reason to envy Bryce Harper.

Sure, he's one of baseball's most exciting young players — a 20-year-old manboy on one of baseball's most heralded teams, the Washington Nationals. He's a millionaire 10 times over and now, get this. Chipotle is just giving the guy free burritos whenever he wants.

But here's an interesting wrinkle: While Harper announced on Twitter that it was a "free burritos for life" card, a Chipotle rep tells The Stew that it's actually free burritos for one year. It should go without saying, folks, but there's a huge difference between the two.

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Not that Harper would have a problem paying for a burrito should he go into a Chipotle 14 months from now and discover his card is expired. It's just he and his card don't yield the same rule-the-world power that comes with free burritos forever-ever.

Speaking of power: We asked Chipotle about the hows and whys of this personalized burrito bonanza: How is someone chosen for their own burrito card? How many people have one? We know about soccer star Abby Wambach, but are there other athletes? Why Bryce Harper? Is it the hair? Do they see him as key in the 18-to-24 demo?

Chipotle, however, was tight-lipped.

"The celebrity card program is small," Chipotle communications director Chris Arnold told The Stew in an e-mail. "And we don't really share enough detail on it to make much of a story out of it."

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(UPDATE: Pro cyclist Mark Cavendish tweeted Wednesday afternoon that he received one of the Chipotle cards too).

Oh. So this is some free mason/"Fight Club" thing? Now we want to know more, Chipotle. This is an intriguing as the Quesarito. (*cough* secret menu *cough*).

Do other baseball players have these? Does, say, Matt Kemp? He's cool. What about Tim Lincecum? Nah, he'd probably eat too many free burritos. Too risky. Does Mike Trout have one? He probably got the real free-burritos-for-life card, huh?

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Who else is in your secret free-burrito society Chipotle? The Stew won't get answers today. But one day, Chipotle, one day.

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