Bryce Harper goes 'top shelf' to help shorter senior lady in grocery store condiment aisle

David Brown
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Bryce Harper stands 6-foot-3, a height which probably is more useful to him outside of a ballpark than inside of the batter's box or the outfield. For example, during a recent trip to the grocery store after a spring training session for the Washington Nationals at Viera, Fla., Harper gave a big assist to a little lady who couldn't reach the top shelf of the condiment aisle. Luckily for those who follow Harper's every move like a creeper, Harper's girlfriend, Kay Varner, was watching and she smartly snapped these photos in what appears to be a Publix.


What's he going for? Well, they're in the condiment/salad dressing aisle in the mayonnaise neighborhood, but the mayo and Miracle Whip seem to be on the lower shelves. It could be artichoke hearts or bacon bits, because they're usually close by. But after doing some consulting, Harper is definitely, probably, helping the ma'am get tartar sauce. It's Lent, and the weekend is coming, which might mean a fish fry. Got to have tartar sauce, especially if you can't trust your fish.

Harper can be brusque when competing on a baseball field, but he also seems like a polite young man. Stand tall, Bryce Harper. Literally and figuratively.

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