Bryce Harper pitching his own eye black

David Brown
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He came off as indifferent about eye black in a recent Q&A, but Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper still digs the stuff, even if he doesn't paint himself like the Ultimate Warrior anymore. To that end, fans soon will be able to buy Warriorblack, "the official antiglare product of Bryce Harper."

What's different about this eye black than other eye blacks already on the market? Well, most eye black grease consists of beeswax, paraffin and carbon — plus a hint of attitude. Or, in this case, Natitude. Have the guys at Mythbusters proven if it really works to blunt the glare from your cheeks? Or is it just some kind of modern war paint, all for show? Either way, eye black has become a permanent part of any gritty ballplayer's uniform. Harper might not copyright "Clown Question," but he's going to have a piece of the eye black market, doggone it.

Their website isn't fully functional yet (Twitter will tell you more about Warriorblack), but fans can enter to win a cap or T-shirt autographed by Harper. Signed in eye black, though? Probably not.

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