Bryce Harper dressed as a female gymnast? The Nationals’ rookie hazing made it so

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

You've heard of the Fierce Five? Yeah, well meet the Not-So-Magnificent Seven.

Bryce Harper (kneeling) and the rest of the Washington Nationals rookie class were instructed to go for the gold during the team's annual hazing on Sunday, but the group posted less than stellar scores after donning red leotards in tribute to the gold medalists from the U.S. women's gymnastics team. Veteran pitcher Gio Gonzalez posted the evidence on Twitter as the NL East leaders boarded a train — presumably all via handsprings and somersaults — for their series in New York this week.  To borrow a corny joke from Nationals Enquirer, does this make them GymNats?

The Nats have a good history with creative rookie hazing stunts and this will presumably cause less cleanup than when they covered Stephen Strasburg in blue paint and dressed him as Papa Smurf. Can't imagine it's more hygienic, though, especially if they start serving up that cake that Christian Garcia is inexplicably holding.

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