Brooks Robinson eliminated from Little League World Series

No, it wasn't the 73-year-old Hall of Fame third baseman who got the boot from Williamsport on Wednesday.

Rather, it was one of Brooks Robinson's namesakes — a 13-year-old pitcher/third baseman from Hamilton, Ohio — who saw his Little League World Series dreams come to an end after a loss to a team from Hawaii.

Still, young Brooks Robinson turned a lot of heads the past few weeks not only with his play, but because he shares a name with a famous old ballplayer whom he has yet to meet.

So are his parents big believers in Baltimore Orioles (Magic) or what?

From the Associated Press:

Tim Robinson, father of Hamilton's Robinson, said the idea to name a son after the slick-fielding Baltimore slugger hatched after some players he coached at a baseball program in Cincinnati called him "Coach Brooks."

"They told me if I ever had a kid, you have to name him Brooks Robinson," Tim Robinson said Saturday. "So from then on, we said we'll have to name one Brooks."

Brooks also has a twin brother on the team and — I'm not making this up — their parents considered naming him Frank. But after some debate, they settled on "Ryan" as a tribute to two other Hall of Famers — Nolan Ryan and Ryne Sandberg.

Reading about the Robinsons this morning has got me wondering how many Stewies out there are either 1) named after famous ballplayers or 2) have kids who are named — or will be named — after them. If so, who's the man of honor?