Bronchitis keeps Tim Lincecum out of Monday's scheduled start

Greetings from downtown Scottsdale, Stewies!

As I write this, the Giants are playing the Angels, the grandstands and outfield berm are packed and the beer stands are all staffed by women who look like they'd pass muster if they tried to get near Matt Leinart's table at a local discotheque.

Yes, life is good.

Well, almost. When I exited the Stewmobile and entered Scottsdale Stadium this morning, I was greeted by this lineup board to the right. Hoping to see Tim Lincecum's named erasable Sharpied at the bottom, I was instead greeted by the news that setup man Jeremy Affeldt would be kicking off the action for the G-Men.

Turns out that the flu-like symptoms that Lincecum was experiencing on Sunday had turned into bronchitis, keeping Tiny Tim away from the mound and his scheduled start today.

Tracking down Digital Lincecum for a spot start was apparently (and sadly) not an option and Bruce Bochy instead had to turn to Affeldt, who gave up three runs in two innings.

So, yeah, counting last year's All-Star Game when he also suffered from "flu-like symptoms" I'm now 0-for-2 on the chance to see Lincecum pitch in person. The good news is that he's scheduled to start against the Cubs on Wednesday in Mesa, so I can just rearrange my schedule and catch him there.

Below the jump find a picture of the hospital that sits just a long pop foul behind the home plate of Scottsdale Stadium. Earlier today, I was imagining that the whirring chopper was the sound of Digital Lincecum flying his human self to the doctor for medical attention. (Hey, they say the desert can do strange things to a man ... who knew it'd happen so soon for me?)

More to come from Scottsdale ...

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