Bring back the belly! Royals invite tummy-swinging superfan Jimmy Faseler back for an encore

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

In just a few seconds Monday night, Jimmy Faseler became one of the most famous Kansas City Royals fans in the country. Faseler, a 28-year-old resident of Independence, Mo., was caught dancing excitedly on the Kauffman Stadium JumboTron and became an instant celebrity of the GIF-happy social media age. The reason? That swinging belly of his.

Big League Stew already caught up with Faseler and told you all about him. Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan gave Faseler a starring role in his column about Monday night's Royals win over the Cleveland Indians, deemed Kansas City's most important home game in nearly a quarter-century.

Now, The Royals — 2 1/2 games back from a Wild Card berth that would be the team's first postseason appearance since 1985 — have called upon the power of the belly once again. More specifically: They've invited Faseler back for an encore at Tuesday's game.

It makes perfect sense, really. The next logical step for a team that once used a bottle of barbecue sauce as its good-luck charm is a super fan with a mesmerizing belly dance.

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