Brian Wilson throws up hands at Carlos Triunfel's odd choice on defense

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It's not often that we see one Major League Baseball player express displeasure with a teammate in front of the entire world. But after infielder Carlos Triunfel made a curious decision that appeared to cost the Los Angeles Dodgers a run Sunday afternoon, right-hander Brian Wilson couldn't help himself. He literally threw up his hands at Triunfel after he failed to even attempt to turn a double play when one was in order in the bottom of the eighth inning against the Colorado Rockies.

It's not considered proper teammate etiquette to react like Wilson did, even non-verbally. But sometimes, you've just got to say, "What the heck?"

'Like, what the heck, dude?'
'Like, what the heck, dude?'

Instead of turning a 6-3 (or 6-4-3) double play on Wilin Rosario, Triunfel shuffled toward the second-base bag, aborted, and flipped a casual throw to first for just one out. With runners at the corners, Triunfel's decision allowed the Rockies to score a run — which was charged to Wilson. The Rockies had cut into Los Angeles's lead, but the Dodgers won 8-2. It's possible, though, that such a mistake could have come back to haunt the Dodgers, or any team, at Coors Field, where runs come in bursts.

Wilson's displeasure probably wasn't about allowing the Rockies to get closer on the scoreboard, but instead the damage it did to his ERA. Wilson wasn't doing the Dodgers much good in the first six weeks of the season, but recently he had been better, allowing just one earned run over 16 2/3 innings from May 16 to June 30.

His past two outings, though, put a full run back on his ERA, which stands at 5.64. It would have been lower by a tad, if Triunfel had made the right play.

Hey, that reminds me. Brian Wilson throwing up his hands is a lot like another famous baladeer from the 1960s throwing up his hands once upon a time:

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