Brian Wilson tells agent that his beard is ‘going with him to the grave’

David Brown
Big League Stew

No matter how much someone tries to pay pitcher Brian Wilson to shave his awful beard, he won't do it. One day after a razor blade company offered him $1 million dollars to erase his infamous facial hair, Wilson's agency told TMZ (because, yeah) that he never took the offer earnestly.

How close of a shave was it? Wilson's Beard even released a statement:


He should let the Beard talk all of the time. And the way Wilson pitched in his return to Major League Baseball on Thursday, changing anything right now would seem a misstep — especially considering ballplayer superstitions.

In his first outing since recovering from a second Tommy John elbow ligament replacement surgery and signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, he tossed a scoreless inning against the Miami Marlins. He allowed a double, but also struck out slugger Giancarlo Stanton, acing him on an 88-mph cutter — so to speak — after zipping a 94-mph heater past him. Wilson got the final three outs in a 6-0 Dodgers victory. They're 77-52 this season and rolling.

So, no, Wilson can't shave the beard. Not right now. But not ever?

Brian refuses to even trim his trademark, and, in fact ... he's told them the beard is "going with him to the grave."

Just as we all thought. It's got a death grip on his face.

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