Brian McCann and eight other players who shaved so they could join the Yankees

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Brian McCann, the New York Yankees' new $85 million man, was officially introduced to the pinstriped-loving world on Thursday, calling it one of the best days of his life. It was also one of the most hairless days of his life.

McCann, the former Atlanta Brave, is the latest Yankee addition to adhere to the team's grooming policy — no beards, no goatees, no long hair. Mustaches, oddly enough, are OK. George Steinbrenner must have yearned for a world of Ron Swansons.

We hear about the Yankees hair policy a couple times a year. Most recently, you'll recall that the Yankees said they wouldn't be able to sign Brian Wilson for that reason (they probably wouldn't have given him $10 million a year either, so maybe the beard is beside the point). David Price also said earlier this year that he would never play for the Yankees because of their "old school" ways.

They're the minority, though. Many players have shaved for the Yankees — and cashed the ensuing paychecks. Let's be honest here, some of these guys looked a little funny when we saw their Yankee makeover. We're looking at you, Nick Swisher and Johnny Damon. So, in honor of Brian McCann, let's stare at some before-and-after pics.

BRIAN MCCANN: Joining the Yankees for 2014.

KEVIN YOUKILIS: Joined the Yankees in 2013.

NICK SWISHER: Joined the Yankees in 2009.

A.J. BURNETT: Joined the Yankees in 2009.

JOHNNY DAMON: Joined the Yankees in 2006.

JASON GIAMBI: Joined the Yankees in 2002.

DAVID WELLS: Played for the Yankees in 1997-1998 and 2002-2003.

JEFF REARDON: Joined the Yankees in 1994.

WADE BOGGS: Joined the Yankees in 1993.

JACOBY ELLSBURY: Joining the Yankees in 2014 and next up for a "Welcome to the Yankees" press conference. Your move, Jacoby.

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