Brian 'Elf' Cashman plans to rappel off building with Santa (really)

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has something else up his stocking this Christmas, even as he negotiates a new contract for captain Derek Jeter(notes).

Dressed in full elf costume, Cashman plans to rappel the 350-foot, 22-floor Landmark Building in downtown Stamford, Conn., this weekend right alongside Santa Claus himself.

What in the elf is going on here?

Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York has the details:

"I've been leaving milk and cookies for Santa for some time now, but this year I wanted to take a more active role in assisting him," Cashman said. "As an elf, you have to be willing to build toys, wrap presents, prepare reindeer for flight, or rappel off buildings for Santa. I take my role as an elf seriously because there are a lot of children out there counting on him."

Cashman, a nearby resident, apparently has seen Stamford's Heights and Lights festival before and expressed interest in being in the show.

Well, that's just great. First we got elves who want to be dentists and now we got GMs who want to be elves.

Part of Cashman's getup includes a full harness, but just so fans don't feel too comfortable, there is no protective netting (like they did in "Circus of the Stars"). There's no protective netting for signing Cliff Lee(notes) to a $150 million contract, either, so no biggie.

Besides, why would Cashman need netting? He'll be with Santa! Plus, he'll get to practice Friday before Sunday's performance.

Stamford Downtown president Sandy Goldstein describes Cashman as "a spunky guy who scuba dives and plays baseball. This is a new career. This is his maiden flight off a building."

Of course it is. And here's video of that building being struck by lightning. No worries.

The best news of all: Walkoff Walk's Rob Iracane (and FOX 5 in New York) plans on covering the main event, so we'll have top-notch video.

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