Twins' Brian Dozier can solve a Rubik's Cube faster than you can (Video)

The Rubik's Cube has been frustrating kids and adults alike for decades now. Some people can solve the puzzle and some people feel out-smarted by a colorful cube every time they pick one up. Who? Me? Bitter? Naw.

Count Brian Dozier, the Minnesota Twins second baseman, among the people who can defeat the Rubik's Cube. And he can do it fast. So fast, in fact, that his teammate Trevor Plouffe challenged Dozier on video to solve one in 90 seconds. It actually took Dozier 96 seconds. Before you poo-poo that, it's still faster than most of us.

Twins fans are used to being impressed by Dozier by now. He's turned into a good all-around player for the team, who pulls off some nice defensive plays and has hit 11 homers this season. He ranked fourth in AL All-Star voting at second base when the early numbers were released this week. Dozier, at this juncture, looks like Minnesota's best hope for a position player in the All-Star game it's hosting in July. Maybe just for Dozier they can add a Rubik's Cube competition for ballplayers to this year's All-Star festivities.

Tangent alert: If you've never ventured into the world of "speedcubing" allow us to introduce you. There are people out there who compete at Rubik's Cube solving and can finish one much faster than Dozier. A guy named Mats Valk is said to own the record world, completing one in 5.55 seconds. Sheesh!

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