Brewers outfield fights temptation of the hip bump

Ah, leave it to the good old city of Milwaukee to keep us a little grounded in where we came from.

As the hip bump craze continues to rule over MLB, these fine young men of the Brewers' outfield continue to shun the fad-of-the-minute and do the things that would make their parents proud. If only if Richie Cunningham hadn't moved to Los Angeles to make movies with that weird guy. I'm sure he'd certainly approve.

As you can see in this picture, that's Corey Hart, Ryan Braun and Mike Cameron and they were all celebrating the Brewers' ninth win in their last 12 games to bring them to a respectable record of 35-31, which should get them into the Wild Card race down the stretch, if they so choose. Yes, the Cubs and Cardinals are going to make things tough, but what's a little adversity when you have players with such a respect for the past? Or when they repeatedly show that they're not going to fold to a newfangled fad that was clearly introduced by the devil?

What's nice is that they're not celebrating the newly-found prowess of their lineup or Ben Sheets' dealin' with a clumsy and possibly injurious hip bump. Instead, the triumvirate is converging in a more traditional slapping of the skin, making us all long for the days when a home run or a well-turned double play could be simply marked by a meeting of our open palms.

Although there has been widespread opposition — wow, were people angry! — to my call for a banishment of the hip bump, I believe that a small insurgency that supports me in starting to mount and that it began in Milwaukee. Considering that's also the backyard of commissioner Bud Selig, I can't think of a better place for the revolution back to normalcy to start.

(In a related note, follow the jump for the nicest e-mail I received after a large portion of the Y! front-page crowd showed a repeated inability to grasp the fun we try to have here on the Stew.)

I feel like I need to say sorry ... Basically, to apologize on behalf of Yahoo! readers. I'm really sorry that 98% of us do not understand the concept of sarcasm or satire. I'm also sorry that many of use apparently do not comprehend the phrase "tongue in cheek." And I am supremely sorry that somewhere from point A to point B, our educational system failed so many of us.

I thought the article was a great break from steroids, scandals, and politics within baseball. It was the kind of thing that true fans (the ones that sit in the bleachers, or pavilion) sit around and BS about through the course of a game.

So, I hope the 3,300+ ignorant readers do not discourage you from keepin' on keepin' on. Your articles may not be appreciated by the majority, but that’s only because intelligent humor is frowned on by society and people just get angry when they simply are not smart enough to grasp something. Keep that upper lip stiff, little soldier.

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