Brewers nine-game ticket plan offers upgraded seats for each victory attended

While the Miami Marlins are doing everything they can to motivate fans to attend just one game during the 2013 season, the Milwaukee Brewers have managed to put together one of the more creative multi-game ticket plans we’ve seen.

The Brewers are calling it their “Chance 2 Advance” ticket plan, which is a pretty self-explanatory concept and one that's not completely foreign to sports, but we’ll let them fill you in on what exactly their extensive plan entails.

For just $99, we'll give you a Bernie's Terrace ticket to 9 select Tuesday games at Miller Park. And, on Tuesday, April 30, you'll sit in Bernie's Terrace for the first game of the plan. When the Brewers win, you advance!

Every time the Brewers win, you exchange your Bernie's Terrace ticket for the next game in the plan for just $2 to the next best seating area. You remain in that seat location until the Brewers win the next game in the plan. If the Brewers don't win, you simply exchange your Bernie's Terrace ticket at no cost for a seat in the same section where you last advanced — no backsliding.

If the Brewers win the first 8 games in the plan, the 9th game would enable you the opportunity to sit in the Field Diamond Box!

You could also call this the Bob Uecker ticket plan: From the top row (or thereabouts) to the front row in eight simple steps.

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Then again, the Brewers could go all Colorado Rockies on Sunday’s here and lose every last one of them, leaving fans in the nosebleeds all season. But as Barry Petchesky of Deadspin points out, even if they go 4-4 heading into that ninth and final game, you’ll end up in Miller Park’s loge infield box seats. That’s a $40 value right there, which means you‘re coming out well ahead.

A trip all the way down to field diamond box carries a $100 value.

Worth a shot, right?

It's also worth noting that the Brewers have selected a good mix of games to include in the package. The Rangers, Dodgers and A’s are all in there. As are rivalry games against the Cardinals and Twins, and division matchups with the Reds and Pirates. The Pirates actually appear twice and serve as bookends to the nine-game plan.

The timing of the announcement was pretty good too considering the Brewers just locked up starting pitcher Kyle Lohse on a three-year, $33 million deal. That led to quite an increase in single game ticket sales on Monday — nearly 500 percent over the average — and should have fans eager to give the new plan a shot. Now we'll just have to mark those dates on our calendar so we can track the progress of those fans when their journey through Miller Park commences.

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