Brewers' J.J. Hardy rewarded with one of Milwaukee's finest

A number of teams hosted their fan fests this past weekend, but it would appear that the Brewers were the only team to enter the business of setting up their young shortstop with single women from the area. (Must've been one of the perks in the new contract Hardy signed earlier this month.)

Above, Kate Armitage does a good job of hiding her disappointment with being paired with J.J. Hardy during Bob Uecker's Winter Warmup instead of Ryan Braun (her presumed first choice). It's not known whether Mr. Hardy's kiss is like a soft breeze, a firm handshake or a jackhammer. Nor do we know which comic book character Hardy would like to be, since it's hard for him to select one thing on which to gauge his response.

(Physical prowess? Keen detection skills? The ability to banter well with super villains?)

OK, I'll stop with the Mallrats references. Follow the jump for a bird's eye view of the "Hot For Hardy" stage setup on Friday night:

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