Brewers celebrate All-Star with beer shower of 2-year-old


If you always suspected the fine people of Wisconsin bathed their children in Miller Lite but could never exactly prove it, here's your evidence. On Thursday, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Corey Hart learned he had been selected to the National League All-Star team by way of eight million votes in MLB's vote-in. Later, as he discussed the honor at a press conference while holding his daughter in his lap, his teammates broke through the door with aims of giving Hart the traditional baseball beer shower.

Anthony Witrado of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel had the call:

Suddenly, Hart was absorbing more than news. He was absorbing the adult beverages as the players doused him, along with his kids, as a way to celebrate Hart’s first all-star nod. The players screamed and tables and chairs were pushed around in the melee.

Hart’s daughter, 2-year old Ryleigh, cried because she was cold, but his son, 3-year old Matthew, sat stoically as alcohol rained on him and his push-up ice cream. (It didn’t affect the taste because he kept licking it.) ...

... Hart finished his news conference, walked out with his son — his daughter exited early in tears — and received an ovation from family and friends outside the clubhouse as he bent over to kiss his wife, Kristina.

No word exactly on how much of an earful Corey got from Kristina on the way home from the ballpark. But if her reaction was anything like the rest of the Brewers (happy that a 14th Chicago Cub hadn't been selected to go to New York) or Wisconsin (unfazed by what is a common rite of passage in most small towns) Corey may have gotten off just fine.

UPDATE: Michael Hunt of the Journal Sentinel has a good take shedding more light on the situation. (Thanks to a commenter for passing along the link.)