Brett Lawrie picks up Toronto Blue Jays uniform at dry cleaners (in cable TV commercial)

David Brown
Big League Stew

The 2013 season has not gone as hoped, so far, for the Toronto Blue Jays or young slugger Brett Lawrie. The Jays have a 20-27 record amid injuries and below-average performances, and Lawrie has experienced both personally.

However, that doesn't mean the Jays need to play in dirty uniforms, or that the players can't be responsible for cleaning them — like many other Canadians in charge of their own work laundry. So it's reassuring that the Jays aren't afraid to function in Toronto society amongst the people, like Lawrie does in this TV commercial for Rogers cable.

As a fan explains to the dry cleaner all of the wonders of being able to watch R.A. Dickey throw knucklers on his mobile device, Lawrie casually enters the establishment, reaches over the counter with a recognizably tatted arm and grabs his stuff. He says his line flawlessly, too. Great range, just like at third base!

But does the fan recognize Lawrie? Almost. Maybe once he gets on a hot streak, there will be major bro hugs.

A fun, creative commercial by Dean Hore, though — unfortunately for the Jays — it's Lawrie's best work this season. But only so far. He'll get it together.

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